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Working With The Right Institutions

We are seeing two trends in the financial services industry: some institutions are using technology to replace their people and others to empower them. Systelos partners with you to become the latter and to treat your people as your best asset. The Systelos Guided Collaboration™ Platform improves your workforce’s leadership and increases the collaboration between your lines of business.

Systelos as your
transformation engine

Successful transformation projects need to effectively overcome:

  • The fear of failure
  • The resistance to change
  • The burden of legacy systems

So what does it take to inspire a new set of behaviors and to transform your organization?

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For your management team:

a better way to balance growth and governance

For your advisors:

 a competitive advantage that can be intuitively implemented

For your clients

more ease, clarity and value when doing business with you

Human Machine Collaboration

Systelos integrates the natural strengths of humans and machines to empower advisors within your organization.

Machine are great at:

  • Analyzing complex information with speed
  • Automating repetitive tasks with accuracy
  • Ensuring compliant processes with consistency

Humans are great at:

  • Having deep conversations with empathy
  • Influencing others with leadership
  • Solving problems with creativity

Democratizing value vertically and horizontally

One of our industry challenges is that value creation is not very consistent and predictable. Systelos is changing this by helping your advisors share best practices among themselves and across their client base.

Vertical Democratization

Treating All Your Clients Equally

In many businesses the top 20% of clients generate 80% of the revenue. In wealth management, quality attention naturally flows to the biggest clients. The Systelos platform allows advisors to multiply their best advice across their entire client base by identifying clients with similar needs.

Horizontal Democratization:

Multiplying Your Organizational Talent

Talent develops naturally in different parts of an organization but effective wealth strategies and relationship skills can easily get trapped if not shared systematically. The Systelos platform identifies the best practices of your team and brings them to the rest, in order to raise the bar for everyone.

Economy of scale to customization at scale

In the past, it was necessary to standardize financial products and services to create efficiencies when scaling. Therefore, clients had to be grouped in a few distinct segments and treated accordingly.

Today, clients expectations are changing. They expect the same tailoring of services they’re receiving from other industries. They expect their individual needs to be met.

To that end, institutions must shift from scaling products to scaling client experiences. This new experience economy needs an efficient and effective data collection system to deliver true customization at scale.

Systelos has create a new era we called Connected Intelligence (CI) that empowers individuals, machines and groups to connect, collaborate and deliver optimal results.

Systelos creates the digital footprint you need to deliver data driven customization.

  • Discover life and business goals
  • Understand servicing and product preferences
  • Analyze behavioral and financial data

Be the change you want to see.

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