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The odds of beating the market

Beta is the market risk which is out of our control. Alpha is created when investment decisions increase returns over and above the market. If these investment decisions underperform the market, Alpha is negative. We all know this happens often.

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SPIVA Report

Considerably less than 20% of Canadian money managers outperformed the market over the past 10 years (SPIVA report)


A recent Environics Study that Systelos commissioned showed that:
76% of Canadian investors think that money managers beat the market more often than they do.

Systelos shifts your value from Alpha to Gamma

Gamma is not about more investment returns. You create Gamma when you help your clients make the right financial trade-off that increases their future assets and therefore future income.
Here are a few examples of advice that creates Gamma:

  • Keeping clients invested in volatile times
  • Protecting loved ones with estate documents and insurance policies
  • Reducing unnecessary tax bills

Alpha is hard to create and it is what your clients see on their statements.
Gamma is hard to measure and is created when you have deep relationships with your clients.

To redefine your value with Gamma:

  1. Focus beyond Alpha to deliver transformative value
  2. Leverage real-time context to improve your clients’ financial behavior
  3. Implement technology to demonstrate Gamma

In the same Environics study, Systelos discovered that

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Only 19% of clients said they get tax planning help from their financial advisors

Only 16% of clients said they get insurance advice from their financial advisors

Only 10% of clients said their advisors assist them with wills and other legal documents


Do you have the context and depth of relationship you need to create Gamma?

The best time to be an advisor

With shrinking margins, increased fee sensitivity and disruptive threats this hardly seems like a great time to be an advisor. But together we can change the tide and make it the best time.

Stop the race to the bottom: Become irreplaceable in your clients’ lives and change the narrative from “how can I pay less?” to “how can I get more value?”

Turn technology into a competitive advantage (not a threat!): Use technology to enhance your client experience and multiply your best advice.

Make a difference: Serve the community you care about, while earning a profit, to successfully scale and increase your contributions to society.

Systelos Guided Collaboration™ Platform Benefits

Platform Benefits

Discover Your Client Needs

Your journey starts with our 360 discovery process. Our platform allows advisors to customize both their value proposition and advice. This is how Systelos moves your offering from Alpha to Gamma. Our interactive dashboards and nudging tool allow advisors and their clients to work towards collective goals. Visibility and engagement provides the context needed to make timely decisions.

Platform Benefits

Deliver and Multiply
Your Best Advice

Our recommendation engines are collaborative. Advisors are able to curate tailored financial services and educate clients about their options (investments, insurance, taxes and estate strategies). Our platform converts client interactions into automated workflows for yourself and your team. Our mass action tool multiplies your best practices across clients with similar needs.

See It In Action

Platform Benefits

Demonstrate Your
Value Proposition

 Our intuitive user experience integrates seamlessly with both advisor and client tools. Our smart document filing system enables sharing and organizing of financial information in functional views. Our timeline allows advisors to demonstrate their added value in real-time. Our family dashboard brings clients financial life in one place to track their progress. Clients can now clearly see the value that they are paying for.

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We at Systelos know which battles to fight: those you can win. So, instead of trying to beat the market, we will help you influence the habits that create more assets down the road. Systelos provides you context about your clients’ behavior to influence the right decision and follow up with the right action.

Be the change you want to see.

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