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Create financial abundance and wellbeing

Being an advisor is not about beating the market. It’s about guiding clients towards timely and disciplined financial behaviors that create more wealth.

Being an advisor is not only about meeting clients every quarter. It’s about being near them through decisive life moments to create more trust.

Without advisors and the right technology, clients often act with blind spots or simply fail to take the right action.

This is why we built Systelos.


Measure the value of human advice and bring your financial life in one place


Build client relationships that aren’t tied to the market and unify your practice tools


Prepare your workforce for the future and integrate your lines of business

Connected Intelligence

Systelos is the first Guided Collaboration Platform™ that gives advisors contextual visibility on their clients to guide financial behavior at scale.
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Platform Benefits


Revolutionary discovery process that provides a 360 view of your clients’ financial life, because you can’t provide valuable advice without holistic context (portfolio, goals, insurance, tax, estate)

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Platform Benefits


Seamless integration of your advisory tools that uses machine learning to enhance your advice as you engage with your clients (CRM, Financial Planning, KYC, Communication, Portfolio, Compliance)

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Platform Benefits


Recommendation engines and automated workflows that frees your team to do what they do best by empowering them with what machines do best (humans for empathy, leadership and creativity and machines for data analysis, process and connectivity)

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Platform Benefits


Client portal that delivers, multiplies and showcases your best advice to become irreplaceable in your clients’ lives (family dashboard, value timeline, nudges, and mass actions)

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Systelos is more than technology. We are reinventing how institutions, advisors and their clients do business.

Jad Chehlawi,

Founder/CEO, Systelos

Be the change you want to see.

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